New year, NEW PLACES to daydream about.

Check out our list of the hottest places to visit in 2014!

1. Brazil
With the impending 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil is bound to be one of the hottest destinations this year. Summer like weather all year round, the long expanses of beaches & the green Amazon forests add to the incredible diversity of this heaven like country. Are we jealous of this well endowed nation? HELL YES.

Ps: Brazil is also home to some of the hottest nightclubs! Yup. Life is good.

2. Antarctica:
Yes, you read that right - Antarctica. With global warming on the rise, who knows if this pristine expanse of snow will last long enough. And how can you say no once that image of really cute penguins waddling around is stuck in your head (thinking of Happy Feet aren't you?)


3. Scotland:
There's a lot more to this place than just men wearing skirts (or kilts as they call it). Rugged scenery dotted by crumbling castles. Scotland has much to offer if you're looking for some respite from stressful life. And with Glasgow hosting the Commonwealth Games the government has made sure to revamp the country and make it more tourist friendly. Don't forget to stock up on the famed Scottish Ale and Scotch whisky. Aye aye matey!

4. Sweden:
Surprisingly Sweden is fast emerging as a popular destination for serious gourmands. West Sweden is specially coming to be known for its fine dining. Sweden's largest city, UmeƄ, is the European Capital of Culture for 2014 (yup, you read that right) So in simpler words this place is cold, beautiful, a tad bit scary and home to some kickass food. All in all the Sweden's got the whole package.

5. Malawi:
Malawi recently gained a Big 5 status thank to a wildlife relocation project, the elephant, rhino, lion, leopard and buffalo - you get the chance to see them all in one place! Hiking over Malawi's plateaus, camping in the wilderness or snorkeling at Lake Malawi - you will get the perfect outdoor experience.

Oh and did we mention, there are beaches too, without the crowds?

6. Belgium:
An architectural feast for the eyes, Belgium offers 3 of the best things in the world any country could offer - the world's best beer, chocolate and chips. It's 2014's next cool hipster place to be. Imagine all those pictures of gothic buildings and Belgium chocolate you could upload on your Instagram.