5 reasons you should consider a vacation to the Andamans

It's easy to forget that these tiny set of islands are a part of our country sometimes, the Andamans are like a treasure chest for travel lovers with unexpected goodies in store! Here's listing some of the reasons you should try venturing south:

5. Coral reef diving!

Right here in good ol' India. Who knew?

4. You get to chill... with elephants.

You could literally use an elephant as your main mode of transport on the beaches. Some resorts also have a resident elephant with which you can go on walks or swims with.

Awwwww, aren't they adorable!

3.Did you know India had an active volcano? Neither did we..

Say hello to Barren Island. India's one and only active volcano. Now, wouldn't you be ashamed of yourself if your country had a volcano and you never managed to see it in person?

2. It's cheap. Cheap travel fare, cheap hotels. It all works out!

Because let's face it - we're all too broke to spend extravagant amounts of money to vacation at some fancy place in Europe. Bollywood makes it look too easy.

1. It's like being abroad... but the exact opposite.

The pristine beaches and untainted natural beauty will leave you breathless. It's a little hard to believe India has such places left.